Thursday, October 18, 2012

never too busy

Sweet friends,
What defines Bohemian?. I thought I'd create a spread on the very definition of it :). Found them on Thesaurus. I also added a sweet quote from Djuna Barnes. I like to be in this dreamy, creative state of mind :).

For the background, I chose contrasting blue, pink and gold acrylic paint. Splashed and dripped some too.

I don't mind the busy-ness at all :). This is the only time I could use too many buttons, blinkies and tissue paper flowers. 

Ever long list, meaning of the word Bohemian. I'm certain we   all own at least one of them :). 

Bouquet of tissue paper flowers :).

That's it. One of many ways you could add bohemian feel to your journal pages. If you're feeling a little adventurous, you may add small mirrors or shiny gypsy things.

And speaking of mirrors, I'm inviting you to play along with us at LESSology's Mirror Mirror On The Wall Challenge and recycle/upcycle something :). Have a great day!.

P/S: I'm linking up this to Art Journal Everyday :).


  1. Wow! Love how busy this is....with all the colours and textures! :)

  2. I like the definition and I love your pages!!! Bits and baubles and pretties!!

  3. Okay.. well I AM SO TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY LOVING this Shahrul! Yep, this goes down as one of my favs of yours :) Awesome !

  4. Thank you! That is the word I was looking for!! It is what I hope describes me as I begin to unfold from my 'color inside the lines' former self ;) I love the colorful and busy fun to look over!!!

  5. WOW WOW WOW WOW !!! This is truly a stunning page!!!! How do you always get one better then the last time, my artist friend. This is my favorite now, had to read it 3 times just to take in all the beauty of it.

    The drips of color is so pretty and awesome. The colors are amazing together, good for you having all this fun and playing. Love the words you added, what a great idea to go with this page.

    Those crinkled, sparkling, button flowers are the BEST!!! They really make the page POP!!! Truly gorgeous my dear friend, thanks so much for inspiring us and sharing this page. MADE ME SMILE!!

    1. 3x??. You are making me smile too :). Thanks so much, Dawn. You inspire me to try new things everyday, remember your challenge? Yup, I'm giving this my all. Everyday I wake thinking about new things to do. LOVE that!

  6. You page looks amazing my friend. I love how you made those flowers out of tissue paper. Very cool. I have to agree with Dawn.. This page made me smile.


  7. Lovely page! The texture is just amazing. Thanks for coming my way :) The files that are gif (with a transparent background) don't have to be cut not so much work to use. Hugs,

  8. shahrul, you continually marvel me with your creative art journaling! :)

  9. It looks like the poster of my life!

  10. I absolutely love all of the texture of this page. I will have to try those tissue paper flowers. They are fantastic! I'm proud to be bohemian!

  11. Yummy piece..beautiful textures, gorgeous layers and absolutely fantastic idea! Love the flowers and the pant splatters...brilliant job as usual!


  12. Woww..this page really speaks for itself! Love the bohemian feel of it....I especially love the writing on the blue background....awesome!


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