Thursday, October 4, 2012

LESSology Challenge #19 : Mirror Mirror On The Wall (Full Reveal)


Dear friends,
Today I'm sharing an altered mirror project I did for LESSology Challenge #19 : Mirror Mirror On The Wall

How I LOVE this sweet challenge!!. 
I have secretly wishing for a new hand mirror and with this challenge, couldn't resist making one myself. Since I don't have a small round mirror I purchased one for just RM$3. I used a large wooden spoon as the base to hold the mirror:). 

and this is the finished project;

Supplies used;

First, I detached the mirror from its unsightly plastic handle. 
Distressed the back of the mirror until the paint chipped and became transparent. Did this by rubbing off the paint with a pen knife and a small scissors. Then washed off the dust with water. 

When dried, I glued a vintage picture of a girl. You may use tissue papers or a page from favorite storybook too. I was inspired to try this after reading Songbird Blog post :). 

Here is the result of my 'rubbing' effort;
 LOVE how aged my 'new' hand mirror looked now.

Then, filled inside the curvature of the spoon with tissue papers and foam tapes. Glued down the 'aged' mirror on the flat surface. Filled up any gap with molding paste. Added some on the back of spoon to add weight to the hand mirror. While paste still wet, made imprints with hand-carved stamps. Let dry all night.

The paint and ink accentuates the wrinkles!

When hardened, covered the spoon with tissue papers for texture. Then painted with champagne-color acrylic, inked with brown Stazon and soft pastel, added some bling, a rose and a handmade tassel.

The long string of beads secured the crystals to the handle. [I salvaged the crystals from an old lamp]. Made the string from just tying tiny beads, two-by-two with a copper wire. Then made the tassel from GMC 435 floss.

That's it. A girly & vintage hand mirror. Quirky even!. Would it be nice to have a matching hair brush now, don't you think?. 

How I love to see your creations!. Hop on to LESSology for many more great inspirations. Have fun!


  1. Great project! What a lovely sweet thing..

  2. This is gorgeous, I love every bit of this beauty, great texture and the vintage rub on is so beautiful, wonderful job on this project!!!!

  3. WOW, I'm so impressed with this idea and the final results. How creative you are my friend, what a cool idea this is. The texture and photo is lovely, truly amazed. I think you HAVE to do a brush now, this is too good to be a only.

    This reminds me of a question I had for you. I thought you'd be perfect for designing a paintbrush for Donna D. new studio. Don't you just love them all. I bet yours would be AMAZING!!

    Thanks for joining me with your 30 days of sketches. It will be fun to do this together. I love your sketches and hope you will post some of them.

    Have a great day! HUGS!

    1. Hi, Dawn!. Thanks so much. I was thinking about Donna's brush too :). We'll see. Yup, I'm loving your 30 days challenge and I should share the results every week :). Thanks so inspiring us with this new idea :).

  4. hi Shahrul- what a fabulous piece of artwork you have created! Gorgeous! And...your photos below are beautiful :)

  5. It's beautiful.... yep, you definitely need a matching hairbrush!


  6. This was a great idea Shahrul. Love how the mirror has turned out.

  7. I'm simply amazed! Very creative Shahrul! Yup,,,I agree that you should do the paintbrush too ...

  8. I love it-transforming such disparate elements into something so beautiful. The texture and aging techniques are great!


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