Wednesday, October 3, 2012

nature walk

Dear friends,
Yesterday I took a walk at a nearby park, Perdana Botanical Lake Garden. I felt that I needed to go out, being among the trees and listen to the birds. It was bliss to just sit on the grass and be still. 

me, sitting underneath a Brazilian Nut tree.

pieces of decaying nuts. love the wooden platform.

ferns on the great tree bark.

I sat there on the grass and just saw two people!. 
Such peace.

then came two Mynahs, enjoying their lunch.

I saw unknown flowers.

I hugged trees and felt their love. 
This one is a Eucalyptus tree.

some are so intriguing.

then I saw this trail. wonder about 'Frodo' hidden pathways.

saw a bee on a flower. So wished I had a powerful lense too. Hard to see him here, he's on the top left.

It's been a great day out. I'll be back, maybe do a little sketching :). Or read a book. Hope you enjoy our walk today. Hugs.


  1. Thanks for taking us on a nature walk with you, this is a lovely park. Love all the textures and shapes you captured thru your camera. I saw that bee on the flower. What a peaceful place to relax at and just enjoy the sights.

    I am hoping to do more of these walks too soon and will share them on my blog. I even found a new place to visit where the leaves are already turning colors. It's funny how some trees are starting to change and others haven't.

    1. LOL, you have good eyes!. It was lovely that not many people out that day, so I had really fun with my camera. I would looked SILLY with all my antics trying to get a good vantage point :). I took home some nature finds to sketch. Will share soon :).

  2. Beautiful pics... so peaceful. Glad you had such a nice day.

  3. Beautiful photos! very inspiring and fun to look at....your blessed with extraordinary photography skills!


  4. I felt like I was there with you!! Beautiful pictures and I love love love how you notice such small beautiful things. Makes me want to take a walk but it is all rainy in this corner of the world... perhaps tomorrow :)

    1. It was a much needed break :). And glad I followed my heart and was able to share here. Such fine day out :). Can't wait to see beautiful scenery from your world too, Jenn. Hugs.

  5. Oh my gosh those twisty trees are amazing! I want them in my yard :)

    1. Aren't they curious??. Wonder how they 'braid' these trees. Never knew their name :).

  6. I so enjoyed this post..... such beautiful photos, those 'twisty' tree trunks are truly amazing!


  7. Beautiful...You're an awesome photographer!!! I love a nice nature walk with my kiddos :)

  8. what beautiful photos!! How I wish to be able to walk next to you in person in such a lovely place but I appreciate our walk via internet-thank you!

  9. Thanks for sharing these photos....sometime in our busy'ness...we forgot to stop and look around pretty and comforting the world around us actually if you really look for it....


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