Sunday, October 27, 2013

eek ... it's Halloween!

Hello friends,

Halloween arrives early at Our Beautiful World :). Milagros is our host this week and her word prompt is;


Halloween is not commonly celebrated here where I live. Though in recent years, many of the younger Malaysians are influenced by the Japanese/Korean anime and cosplay culture. Thus, naturally embracing Halloween ... another reason to play dress up and party, isn't it?.

Wonder if there was an Edward & Bella's costume.

The word prompt this week, made me realized that I have too many vampire books & journals. One year, I was charmed by these beautiful, ghoulish souls [ahem, thank you Edward Cullen!]. Soon my art work became influenced by the movie Twilight!. I made endless Twilight-related mini albums. And I did quite an extensive research on the history of the fallen ones, about the real-life vampyric societies all over the world today and THAT freaked my bf out. Hehe.

Beautiful myth.

Then, I started buying books about ANGELS. I have more angel books than the vampire ones. I read about guardian angels and Archangels [I love Archangel Michael], benevolent spirit guides and soon enough my mood lifted up. He can't complain now, can he?.

I went to a haunted house in Denver, once. I was just starting my Fall semester, then. It was amazingly cold and FREAKY!!. Loved all the tricks, chainsaw and all. We were like a bunch of crazy girls, screaming our hearts out. Lucky that Blair Witch Project only came out a year later!.  

One of many dark books I own.

In any case, I prefer the sweet, funny version of Halloween. Trick-or-treating. Carving Jack-O-Lanterns. Smiling at witch-on-a-broom-getting-stuck-on-a-tree decor :). 

How do you celebrate Halloween?. Are you taking out kids (and pets) for trick or treating this year?. Lets hope it's not too cold out. And, do share the fun with us!. Link up with Our Beautiful World this week. I'd love to hear what Halloween means to you. Have a great Weekend!. Hugs.

{Notes: All photos are taken with Samsung Galaxy SAdvance phone and edited in PhotoScape. Used Out-Of-Focus and antique photo effects}.


  1. Oooh Shahrul!! I LOVE 'beautiful myth' - there's something mysterious about that beauty! We don't celebrate it here in Australia, and I get envious of all the fun and frivolity online.... IT LOOKS SO FUN!
    I've got something up my sleeve though for the prompt.....hee hee

  2. I loved you post and photos for this prompt ... sorry I couldn't join in this week ... too much going on at home ... Have a wonderful week ... Hugs

  3. Oh wow you are a brave girl, haunted house, NO NO for me, I had to admit that I don't even dare to look at that scary girl picture you have here for the 2nd time, I am that timid, I don't read or hear ghost story, no scary movies, sometimes my girls talk about the scary book or movie they read, I had to stop them or walk away.

    1. oh I'm sorry that I scared ya!!. I'm removing it now :). For me the scariest of them all has to be the unknown in Blair Witch and being in haunted cornfield!. Bear hugs to ya!

  4. Hello dear friend, so glad to be here today. I'm so not a scary Halloween girl, kinda feel like Kirsty above, glad I'm not the only one. I can handle any scrary pictures to see your posts though. I look thru really quick with eyes half open, haha not kidding.
    I skipped all those books and movies and such, my sister Annie who looks like me is very much into all these though. It's great for all those who love the dark side of Halloween and such things. ENJOY them my friend.
    My heart is doing a bit better about Sam and Halloween this year, maybe even the girls will go after all. Seems their friends are all still going and saying I'm crazy for thinking they are too old. SIGH, it's hard to argue with friends influence I guess. We shall see though.
    Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Halloween to you. Will eat some yummy candy just for you.
    Thank you also for your prayers for grandma, I'm glad you have your memories of time spent with yours too. We are lucky to have them! HUGS!

  5. I'm a meanie I'm afraid. I was never allowed to go trick or treating as a child. "No child of mine is going begging" my Mum would say. It's ingrained n me now and yep - no child of mine will go begging. They can go to Halloween parties, dress up and dish out the treats when trick or treater's come knocking... They seem happy enough with that.

    I love how your one obsession with the vampires led onto another. I'm the same, I love folklore, myth and legend. I'm on zombies at the moment, you're right, the more you read - the more you scare yourself. Happy Halloween! Mwahaha! :-)

  6. Your post is perfect for the prompt. I loved the twilight series. We are headed up to Washington state tomorrow and that is where they filmed that series. I am hoping I don't run into any Vampires while I am there. Hee Hee..


  7. What a wonderful post Shahrul we enjoy the quiet fun of door to door candy begging, LOL. This year I was little red riding hood and my daughter a banana my son a monk and my husband a fun crayola box. We had a blast last night!

  8. Lol, poor bf :)
    I soooo loved reading your post Shahrul! Smiled all the way. Although I have to admit I'm a scaredy-cat myself, brrrr. Definitely prefer angels!


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