Sunday, October 20, 2013

this is LOVE..

A few years ago, I was in Minneapolis. On the very last day there, I visited the farmers market at Guthrie Theater. Gorgeous weather. Gorgeous city. There were music, flowers, farm animals, happy people and happy pets alike. One of the things I like to remember about that day is 'the boy who pat the dog' moment. I saw the sweetest act of LOVE ... first there was a cute dog, sleeping on the stairs. Then, came a boy walking past me and went up patting the dog [which I doubt, was his]. Too cute!.

Perfect for this week's prompt at Our Beautiful World

Our friend, Linda is our guest this week and she has chosen a word for us to play;


I sure LOVE to live here, and coming to this market every week. Do you have a favorite market to get your fresh produce?. Or do you grow your own?. I sure LOVE to grow my own food, learning to do so lately. Here's what else I saw that day;

musicians at the entrance

sweet fiddling

lovely flowers

fresh vegetables

gorgeous baskets

and farm animals!

Up on the observation deck at Guthrie Theater, the view was stunning everywhere I looked. I just had to share :).

the market down below

St. Anthony Falls to the left

the Heritage Stone Bridge up ahead.

I hope you are excited to join us this week. Such lovely prompt!. 'LOVE'. Come play with us for a spell. Just link up your story at Our Beautiful WorldSee you soon!. HUGS.


  1. I LOVE this post. That is such a sweet photo of the boy and the dog. That market place look like a fun place to visit.. Thanks for having me as a guest over at OBW..


  2. I absolutely adore your prompt photos ... Hw very beautiful! And I enjoyed seeing the other too ... Thanks so much for sharing ... Have a lovely day

  3. Great to see your photos of Minneapolis. I'm glad that my city made such a good impression on you.

  4. aaaaw how sweet is that set of photos of the little boy and the dog... yes totally agree... he looks a little tentative with the dog on approaching... that is certainly an innate feeling of love there. I hope the dog wasn't lost....sigh.

    what gorgeous city photos and the market... made me feel like I was there!

  5. Hello Shahrul, how sweet is this dog and puppy. Great pictures for this weeks prompt and exactly how I feel for my dog Lucky. I am SO NOT a dog person but seeing Lucky's face I couldn't resist. Now 3 years later I can't imagine life without my Lucky beside me.

    WOW, how awesome are these markets. Have always wanted to do that, what a nice way to spend the day. All kinds of yummy and neat stuff to enjoy outside in the warm sun.
    Thanks so much for sharing these with us.
    I will try to link up with OBW later in the week. Have a couple ideas but had to think because I don't want to use the same ones I have before.
    Thanks so much for the sweet words on my mandala today. I really did enjoy it. I just checked out the girl Dawn that hosts this and hers is so AWESOME this week, go take a peek if you can.
    Enjoy your week and hope it's a good weather week for you. HUGS!! I'll be linking up to T TIME tomorrow, be sure to visit.

  6. I can see why you would love being there. There is not much cuter than a boy and a dog

  7. I am like you, I just love market place, wherever we travel, I always have to visit one, my husband said it is in the Singaporean blood since we trade from very early on, I am not sure about that, all I know is that I LOVE market places.
    Your photo for LOVE is perfect, that doggie is so very cute and so is that boy.
    Thanks for your tips for roses, I might try it someday even though I do not have green thumb like you.

  8. i don't live near a farmers market but i sure wish that i did.
    i LOVED seeing your progressive series of shots of the boy and the dog~!!
    how very cute is that~!?!
    all of your photos are wonderful and show a great 'love' of life.


  9. Awwwww, that's so sweet. What a perfect take on the word Love!
    And yes I do like market places too. I was sorry to miss our annual cow market this year. It's a big event in our town. I love going early in the morning, it's a whole different world then.



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