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Hello, October!

Dearest friends,
We at Our Beautiful World, are welcoming October this week. 
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I like to share some photos I took in October, many years back. A visit to the Kuala Lumpur's Orchid Garden. The garden is located opposite of my favorite Botanical Garden. And in the vicinity of Butterfly Park and the Bird Park too!.

Through a fern garden, on the way to the orchid beds.

The most glorious staghorn fern, don't you think?

This park houses more than 5000 orchid species from around the world, of which some 800 of the Malaysian species!. [How I wished they had all bloomed at the same time!]

I am not an orchid enthusiast, but anyone can easily love these beauties. Some of them have a soft fragrance and some are not.

The orchids are grown in pots with coals, some on wooden stakes on the ground and many living off other plants (epiphyte).

I am a simple person, and I adore the simpler orchid varieties such as these;

There was a sign. I should've taken a note of its name.

I wish that I am a better gardener. It's a pity if I should kill them :). You can find many small shops selling flowering orchid seedlings in the park, for RM5 (USD 1.50) a piece.

In my childhood home, my family never grow orchids but other tropical flowers. Maybe they're delicate or require much work?.

I called this, a fruit punch/cocktail orchids :).

I adore tiny orchids too, like this yellow variety;

Let see how my garden grows, if I could save those spinach and cactus from dying ... then maybe I should give orchids a try :). Hope you'd enjoyed some October orchids. 

You are welcome to share your October stories with us too. Just link a photo up @ Our Beautiful World!. Till next week, Hugs.


  1. Beautiful photos of the orchids. I really love them.

  2. oh i definitely am an orchid enthusiast and i love this post~! how lucky you are to live where there are so many different types of these beautiful plants grown.
    and yes, that staghorn fern is pretty amazing too~!


    1. I'm glad to know that!. Do you grow any orchids in your garden?. LOVE to see them bloom, I shall like to try plant a little seedling for as an experiment :). Hugs.

  3. Shahrul, I love the outdoors where you live, sooooo beautiful!! I love seeing all the pretty colors and mixed with the green. I like the simple ones too, nice to see the varieties of them. Nice that you can see such beauty now since you didn't have them growing up.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us today! Funny, how my October is so different from yours, that's what I like about OBW !!
    Have a wonderful week my friend! HUGS!

  4. These are such beautiful photos. It looks so pretty there in your world.


  5. beautiful photos Shahrul and what lush and gorgeous greenery!

    1. Hi, Linda!!. Hugs, I missed visiting your blog :). Yup, these orchids are beautiful, but sadly I'm not such a great gardener :).

  6. Hello! I have a new post up today with something in it for you, think you will like it. Another surprise picture will be coming up soon too so keep check in when you can. I am thinking of you lots during this fall season, hoping to share lots of beautiful fall colors and leaves and fun with you thru my posts. Thank you for the visit and comment on my mandala and the cuties playing in the leaves. They were so dang funny with that little pile we had.
    Take care and have a happy day!

  7. So many beautiful plants--thanks for sharing all these photos!

  8. A fabulous post Shahrul, I love orchid, seeing so many of them just make me happy!

  9. OH dear me an orchid garden, I would die and go to heaven, did you say 1.50 for the orchids????I would buy them all, LOL
    The one you feature on our blog is commongly known as a Bamboo orchid, it is one of my favorites too, they grow happy in my island too. with your climate and fior that price you shouldn't be afraid to try, they are really so simple and easy to grow. They don't need to be fussied too much either. The yellow one is from the Onciium family and those need partial shade, they grow happily underneath a tree with filtered light my mom has a couple of them and they are delitghful! thank you for sharing these gorgeous shots with us I can see myself admiring the tree frens and that staghorn ferns too!

    1. yup!. the seedlings are that cheap, though I don't really know if they would survived my black thumb :). It's nice to know that I could still try to plant them, I'm taking your word for it :). Great, maybe one day you'll share some of your orchids?. Do you have wild orchids growing in the woods?. I've seen them on many trees just outside my apartment building but they never flowers!.:)

  10. It's nice to see this wonderful garden, beautiful photos!

  11. Oh I so relate to your wish for being a better gardener... So do I. Just look at the beauties you shared with us this week, wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to take good care of them? Beautiful photos too sweetie and love your post. What a gorgeous garden that is. Hugs, Wendy


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