Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer of Color 3 - Week 6

Dear friends,
It's the final week at Summer of Color 3. The winning color Sage & Sepia, seemed to be mimicking what we all are feeling, gloomy almost. Though, I had fun these few weeks playing along with all of you. 

Book for Week 6; measures 2" X 2".

In the world today, they are still much suffering but things are changing fast, for the better. You can almost feel the hope and the happiness that greet us on both sides of any road we're taking. We only need to look :). 

I'm thankful for the gifts of life. The friendship, the inspiration and the joy from visiting you :). My book this week, is a tribute for these bounty.

The back.

A hint of green, underneath brown lace.

Folded signatures sewn in the middle, decorated with lace and tiny beads at the spine.

If my books inspire you to look at things with your heart-mind, or feel a brief of joy and comfort ... I've done the job here.

Shall we take a peek inside?.

I hand-stitched words again, truly a fun thing to do.

My pages read; "I am thankful for the gifts of life".

I stamped mint green acrylic paint on the linen.

Added green satin cloth, in between linen pages.

Flowers on the ribbon add cheer on the otherwise sedate page.

Dry branches in the wind.

Doodle-stitched dry twigs.

If you like to try doodle stitching, I recommend you to check out delightful books by Aimee Ray at the link here

Smudgy last page :).

The lady sitting in lotus position (or Padmasana), was done in watercolor. The beads halo implies contemplative prayer.

What a sight to enjoy when all is done.

And, I made a storage for these tiny books. I decided to alter an old make-up case which I found at the flea market months ago. I don't have a tutorial for it yet, but I'll share soon.

Remember this?. Read more about it here.

After a little paint, stamping, decoupage and distressing;

I had to add 'climbing roses', it's summer after all. 

Can you see my books got thicker each week?.

Six cubes of delights, tucked nicely in the case.

A bagful of gratitude :).

That's it for this week. Again, much LOVE and thank you for dearest Kristin. Such graceful host, as always. Thank you dear friends for beautiful inspiration every week :). HUGS.


  1. hello,

    your book turned out so very beautiful
    i love all the details
    the heart felt message
    the colors are soothing
    such a joy to see all your precious books tucked in your case. beautiful.

  2. Your books are such beautiful little treasures! Beautiful job with sage & sepia! I am hoping to link my photos before the deadline as I am currently on vacation. So sad to see this challenge end! Beautiful work!!

  3. You create things of such delicate beauty and made sepia and sage joyful!!!

  4. This is my absolute favourite - great storage, too! Valerie

  5. agree with Patricia, 'Your books are such beautiful little treasures!" them!!

  6. Totally beautiful! I love what you've done this week and the make-over on the case is fantastic - wonderful work.

  7. I'm so happy to see this today!! What a sweet little mini you made again, LOVE IT!! I adore your stitching and fabric and minis so much. Sad to see SOC come to an end and your minis. What a beautiful job you did again this week, amazes me each time I see these.
    Oh, Shahrul, what a gorgeous box to keep them in. I love that picture of all of them inside, so cute. WOW, they did get bigger each week.
    So glad you played along with SOC, enjoyed these minis so much!!
    Have a good weekend!!

  8. Beautiful book..deeply meaningful and special..and totally gorgeous as well...wonderfully done,,so beautifully created!

  9. How absolutely precious not only 6 adorable little books full of gratitude but the case is amazing as well. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for visiting my Owl this week. BJ

  10. Absolutely stunning!! What a beautiful keepsake and I can feel the love from this

  11. Oh, this is so sweet. love your little books, and all the little sweet and wonderful details. great idea to put them all together like that.

  12. Your books are so wonderful. They have inspired me to go back to making fabric books! And, the case to keep them in is fantastic! I love your work. It's been so nice to get to know you and your work this summer!

  13. your lovely thoughts and beautiful projects always bring me joy Shahrul. Your book and art box are full of love and are gorgeous!!

  14. I love all Your cloth books:)I'm
    going to browse Your older post's to see more of Your lovely art. I've made cloth wall hangings and it was fun too.I think I'll turn those wall hangings into books for family and friends.Thanks for Your visit.

  15. I feel such a sense of peace and calm when I visit. Your books are truly beautiful. It is obvious they are made with a great deal of love.

  16. You have made another beautiful little book that I love.

  17. Oh wow... gorgeous handstitching!! Another beautiful book by you. I'm in awe. I still haven't finished even one, lol. And the suitcase, oh my, what a beautiful transformation! Love love those roses and your stamping and so on. Wonderful job! Hugs, Wendy

  18. I am in awe of your talents. You make the best little books on the planet. I'm super impressed and wish I had your sewing skills. Mine (what little I have) all come from my machine. You not only impress me with your sewing, you impress me with your lovely words. They are always so inspirational. What a great way to finish this challenge. Love the case!!

  19. Thank you, Shahrul, for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us these past 6 weeks. I can't begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed seeing your beautiful little books each week. You are an inspiration to us all! And I absolutely love how you altered the case so you have a beautiful place to store your amazing creations!!!! And I also want to thank you for your wonderful comments that you left, not only on my blog, but for everyone!

  20. Your beautiful books are so inspiring and the box is fabulous. I will miss this colour of summer, I'll stop by to see what you do next.

  21. Wow, just stunning. What wonderful work. Love your books.:)

  22. Oh my gosh, all those precious little books, packed away in your lovely case - words aren't enough!

  23. Lovely combinations of textures - lacy and rough and then your water colour added. Very nice. I like your background image on your blog too....suits your post so well!

  24. I am amazed at your beautiful books... they are so delightfully pretty:)

    Your stitching is awesome!

    Karen x

  25. As usual, you created another beautiful book. I really like that the storage case that you made for you six books, too. Brava!

  26. I didn't think I could be more wowed by your work, and then I am. I love each of the books you have made, each one is a work of art, and then the case. Be still my heart. Love. A brilliant keep sake of this Summer.

  27. Another gorgeous book! And your case turned out beautifully. I've really enjoyed seeing your work during the SOC!

  28. LOVE everything about your tiny fabric book! You have such a beautiful style that's both sweet and whimsical. I always look forward to your projects.
    And that box, my... truly a treasure box! You gotta show us how to make that soon!

  29. Love that water colour on fabric...gorgeous work!

  30. Beautiful!!! Just gorgeous!!

  31. Oh wow how did I miss this? I love your little books and the box you made to keep them in............I can't wait for my parcel to arrive, I look out for the post every day.


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