Sunday, July 28, 2013

Patiently Waiting ...

Sweet friends,
Some of you may know that I keep a windowsill garden at home. Apartment dweller that I am, trying to live a healthy lifestyle by growing my own vegetables. Far from the ideal here, as I could easily kill a cactus!. Even plants that enjoy neglect.

Ros is hosting Our Beautiful World this week. Her prompt for us to play is;


It's a wonder really, for me to lunge from painting seed pockets to actually plant them :). I even keep a garden journal!. 'Waiting' has quickly becoming the order of the day.

Say hello to my spinach seedlings :).

Spinach is my first home-grown vegetable, ever. I believe it's the strongest vege because Popeye said so, LOL. I tried growing ginger, garlic, and Chinese parsley earlier but they all died on me. Anyhow, my experiment continues :).

They are two months old now.

Waiting, and more waiting ...

These babies are just about 2-3" tall.

They seemed to love the organic potting soil with some coconut fibers & coals in them. 

I have to remember NOT to over-watering them. [That was how I killed my succulents!].

I saw the tiniest clover growing underneath my spinach seedlings. Can I hope for some luck? :).

With an angel companion, I hope they'll grow :).

I have a collection of heart pebbles, scattered around the pots for good energy & fun. Anything, to help my plants live happily. 

A concrete pebble.

This one is a sandstone.

And this, a marble pebble.

That's all garden update for today. Hop on to Our Beautiful World to share a photo that signify 'Waiting' for you.

Waiting can be fun especially when you're rewarded with something delicious at the end of it. Like waiting for coffee, or pizza!. Or 'Waiting' for someone precious, like Prince George Alexander Louis :). For me, my first spinach will do for now :).

Have a great week, everyone!. Hugs.


  1. Congratulations for your wonderful post, beautiful photos and for your patience. The stones are a delight - and I hope with you for your spinach - the leaves will taste goo in salad.

  2. ...... (speechless)
    Wow Shahrul, stunning photos!! They're growing my love for little plants, my appreciation for their beauty. So, your photos are not only beautiful to look at but they actually do have impact. Great shots!
    Going to pin some of them :)
    Speaking of pinning... it's so much fun to see that we often choose the same things to pin!
    By the way, I uploaded some more photos on my blog for this week's prompt. From Indonesia, sea photos. Oh how I would love to come back to Asia some day...

    hugs and happy Sunday!

  3. Oh I am really hoping that these little plants thrive ... with the love and care you are giving them I'm sure they will ... I adore all your shots and funnily I was just holding a heart shaped stone I found in my garden!
    Have a beautiful day!

  4. I LOVE this so much, cute pictures and words too. Sending you growing wishes for your spinach, from my garden to yours!!

    So happy you have fun watching and keeping a journal on your little garden. Soon enough it will be ready to eat, keep loving an talking to them but not to much water. I like the heart stones too.

    Just had a spinach salad for lunch yesterday and have been putting spinach in my pasta dishes now. Just boring store bought not fresh home goodness like yours will be!! ENJOY MY FRIEND!!

  5. Wonderful photos I enjoyed your post, I also enjoyed looking through some of your blog post, love the fantastic book I saw in a earlier post.

  6. What a fun post!! Your spinach looks wonderful, I am sure it will keep growing, it is something I have never thought to plant....great pictures of "waiting"...the best of luck to you!!

  7. Awesome post!!!! I just totally love when you see the first sprouts of a seedling making its way to the top of the earth, such magic and wonder..yours are looking healthy and well I know you will make it! and those hearts are so fab, my daughter is a rock collector I have to show these to her!♥

  8. Such a beautiful post - and it's lovely to hear of someone else who can kill a plant at 20 paces :) I have potted up some Cactus/succulents (I haven't a clue what they are!) in my shed (I did a post here if you are interested) and because it's so hot out there I keep thinking they must be thirsty - I am trying not to water them to much as I do love them.

    Your photos are beautiful. I love their order to GROW!

    1. Looks like you're doing just fine! You can also try talking to yourplants or playing music to help them grow. I did plant a green pepper plant and three different herbs in a pot to see how it would work. I think the peppers are ready to pick and since they all did so well I plan to plant more next summer.

  9. It is such a pleasure to read all your posts, shahrul, love how you have given hopeful, positive and wonderful connotations to 'waiting'(at times associated with 'boring/restless') the heart stones to...

  10. really beautiful photos Shahrul. You have sowed your seeds with lots of love and TLC so I'm certain you will be rewarded in kind :)

  11. Such gorgeous photos my friend. Lots of time a patients goes into a garden. Well done with the theme word this week.


  12. I am so impressed with your series of photos Shahrul, what a lovely green journal, every single picture here is BEAUTIFUL, the colors, the details, oh wow, I still can't take my eyes off them, wonderful share!

    ~ greetings from Grafing, Munich

  13. Hello again, just wanted to let you know I posted and linked up with you this week. Excited to finally be able to join the fun. Hope you are enjoying your week! HUGS!

  14. Hope they flourish! Just home from some time away and we had some delights from our tomato plants, and some duds. I guess as long as the delights outweigh the duds, all is well.

  15. Beautiful photos of your little flowers peeping up! I can't wait to see them all when they are full grown, Shahrul!


' Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen ' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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