Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lace on my Kebaya

Sweet friends,
This week, it's all about 'Lace' at Our Beautiful World. Immediately I think about my kebaya :). A few months back, I shared here some oriental inspiration photos, and kebaya was one of them.

Kebaya is a Malay traditional outfit, a slight variation to the Straits Chinese's Nyonya Kebaya. It is not unlike a tunic that women wear over batik sarongs to work, weddings and festivities.

Malay Kebaya.

This is one of my Malay Kebaya. It's a simple purple top, heavy with lace, beads & sequins. [Malay Kebaya is generally knee-length, a tad longer than the Straits Chinese kebaya].

Lace at the bottom.

Lace on the wrist.

Lace on the front.

Beads & sequins detail on the lace.

Next, is my Nyonya Kebaya. It is a waist-long top, with colorful embroidery. I wear it over a camise, with a pink batik sarong or a pair of blue jeans!.

Nyonya Kebaya.

Embroidery at the waist.

The colors remind me of Chinese porcelain.

Women in the old days doing everyday chores, taking care of their families at home, clad in simple cotton kebayas & sarongs. Life must be so graceful then. I wear these maybe just twice a year, I am more comfortable in jeans & t-shirts, really :).

A simple lace at the neck line & front.

Lace on the wrist.

You can easily find kebayas at Central Market or any shops selling traditional clothing in town. Read about other interesting crafts at the market here.

Lace at the back too.

Do you have a favorite lacy outfit?. Do you collect beautiful lace?. Does your work inspired by lace?. [You'd know how much I love lace from just looking at my fabric books, LOL]. 'Lace' can be different meanings to different people. I'd love to hear your story :).

Won't you come share your view on 'Lace' with us too?. Link up at Our Beautiful World this week!. Until then, have a great weekend!. HUGS.

Photo info
All photos taken with a Pentax K200 DSLR. They were edited within PhotoScape, Filtered with Blur effect (Region Out-Of-Focus) and Film effect (Cinema).


  1. Oh wow.... gorgeous!!! Just look at that gorgeous embroidery... My greatgranny, the one who belonged to my doily, used to wear kebayas. She was Indonesian. I have beautiful photos of her wearing those.
    Speaking of surreal... you did that too! The closeups of the purple one especially, very surreal...
    Hugs and happy Sunday!

  2. I never try to work or wear with lace...I love your second outfit, blue is such a cool color I just guess myself if sarong made with batik are different in Malaysia and in Indonesia (shame on me to guess lol i am curious to know ;) )...I dream of having a batik sarong... :) specially because...its really rare and exotic in Europe...and to adapt myself in some country like yours :D taking your outfit can be funny and showing a kind of interest :)

    you did great job I can wait the new combo color in SOC ^^ to see your new books :)

  3. Oooh, I love your wonderful Kebaya`s ! Wonderful embroidery and laces in absolut wonderful Colors. Thank you so much for sharing, I love this wonderful clothes! Happy Weekend and hugs Erika

  4. okaaay I am so ready for my own kebaya NOW!!!! I am not a fun of purple and right now I want one like the knee length one you showed!!!! Absolutely precious, and yes I can imagine the grace and beauty of the women wearing them, like I have seen the women with their mundillo laces on their dresses here in the old day, sigh, women were so elegant then!

  5. So many wonderful photos.. All that lace looks so pretty..


  6. Oh how beautiful these are ... I would love to wear one of them ... and your photos are stunning!!

  7. I just love your kebaya, especially in the color purple, and I like the details on the Nonya kebaya too, I have one similar too! Wonderful and beautiful share Shahrul!

  8. I just love your kebaya, especially in the color purple, and I like the details on the Nonya kebaya too, I have one similar too! Wonderful and beautiful share Shahrul!

  9. Oh wow. Gorgeous...I have one's just too delicate to wear often though...

  10. OH how beautiful these are!! I love them both, such pretty details on them. This was a good theme for you this week, lace is definitely something you love and work with so well.

    I can't imagine working wearing these, would be afraid of ripping it or staining it. But how beautiful it would be to wear one though, so elegant.

    Thanks so much for sharing this story with us!!

    I can't wait to see your last journal for this weeks SOC, I have a feeling what it might be!! Not sure what I will do and might just pass on it due to busy week.

  11. They are both so wonderful and they are in fantastic colors, I love the blue one, my favorite color.

  12. Exquisite lace and luxurious colors.


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