Friday, November 15, 2013

the power of words

Hello sweet friends, 

This plant nearly died months ago, when I was out of town. I came home and saw most of it had turned brown, only a couple of tiny greens left. I stuck a marker "Hope", hoping I would save them. And I did [2 weeks later :)].

I knew my cactus probably won't flower, but I made a garden marker that says "Bloom" sometime ago. Thought it might work wonders here, ushering the plant to bloom. It did. Only to become a girl cactus!. I thought, this is too funny :).

Yup, definitely a girl!.

I'm away from home for a while. Missing my tiny garden already. The weather has been gloom & doom lately. Good for the plants, I would think. And listening to the cup song in Gaelic might cheer things up a bit :). 

Happy Weekending. Hugs.


  1. lovely post, Shahrul, loved reading this !!

  2. That is amazing Shahrul, maybe I should stick a word into my vege garden too, I have been busy with Papi and neglected the garden totally, what word should I stick there? LOL!
    The cactus girl is sure a pretty girl!

  3. OMG, I'm laughing sooooo hard!! It's a girl for sure, haaha!! Happy your words are helping them grow and look at the pretty green, YAY!! The power of words can do magic for anything. Sending you a little bit of sunshine and hope your trip away is a good one.
    Thank you for your visit and glad you enjoyed the SNOW, I love sharing those with everyone. It's so pretty to see! I did brave the cold and wind to make a tiny mandala, the wind finally won and I had to give up.
    Take care and hugs and prayers for your little garden.
    p.s. thanks for the good laugh this morning :))

  4. Not only is it a girl, she has a little bunny tail too, lol :)
    Such a beautiful post Shahrul, loved reading it and so much love your eye for beautiful little details and the way you "dwarf"shoot your plants. It's like we're invited in their tiny world like this, love it. Hugs and sweet day

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