Sunday, November 17, 2013

look me in the Eyes ...

" The eyes have one language everywhere" ~ George Herbert

Arthur, getting busy.

Sir Paws, saw a bird at the window.

Fuji, looking so serious.

Truly, the eyes are the windows into one's soul. Seeing and knowing without judgement. Our pets' unconditional love!. Farm animals. What about wild animals?. Do they judge us?. 

At Our Beautiful World this week, Kirsty has chosen word prompt;


I had to share some mischievous and begging eyes of my cats. They 'worked' it. I love to see what your take on the word. Do join us at Our Beautiful World and seeing other parts of the world with different eyes. It's fun!. Have a great week. HUGS.

{Note: all photos are from archive, taken with Pentax K200 DSLR)


  1. Ahhh! You know I love these shots ... Such gorgeous cats! I had to include one in my post too!

  2. Miss hearing your stories about your cats. They do look awesome.

  3. Hi Shahrul, what lovely eyes your cats have. How cool that you have 3 different colored cats, don't think I knew this before. Glad they played along for you and your camera. Great pictures of them!!
    Hope your plants are still doing well and the weather is too.
    Have a wonderful week! HUGS!

  4. Now how many cats do you have? LOL!
    They sure have mysterious eyes don't they, lovely share Shahrul, I am going to miss you beautiful photo every week!

  5. Beautiful beautiful cats... a pity I'm allergic, otherwise I would have loved to share my home with one or two (or three :) They make a home feel more like home, especially when you're coming home from being somewhere else. Hugs and lovely day


' Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen ' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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