Sunday, September 29, 2013

Come 'Together'...

Hello friends,
It's a lovely, sunny weekend here :). My window-sill garden is recovering from weeks of rain. Cactus had rotten, spinach infected with white spots and need some re-potting. Hence, no post of garden update yet :). Soon. Hope this gorgeous warm weather, last.

Sweet Ros, is the host at Our Beautiful World this week. 

She had picked the word prompt;


Wonder why am I showing my heels this week?. 

My pink heels. 

Because, we always have to wear them 'together' :). Get it?. Any pair of shoes, any pair of heels. Unless, wearing an odd pair has become fashionable :). 

Don't wear them much. Maybe once, in a year.

I thought of the Beatles' song too ... "Come Together". It's a hard song to sing and I can never play it right!. [Some of you may know that I play guitar for fun]. Beautiful song, nonetheless. 

Click here to listen to it :). Are you a fan?. 

Lennon & McCartney, come together.

So that is my story this week. Do share with us your version of 'together' at Our Beautiful World!. May it be a party, a picnic or a family time together :). See you soon!. Hugs.

{Notes: all photos are taken with Samsung Galaxy SAdvance phone. Edited in PhotoScape, used Fake Tilt filter}


  1. hee hee... sooooo love the Lennon and McCartney touch!! Coool heels... very pretty - and love the creative thought sure works well!

  2. Hi Shahrul !!! I LOVE that song so much, thanks for putting it in my head for the day, lol. Such lovely shoes, they should be worn more often though. Pull them out and dance around the house in them on Sundays!! I love this prompt will have to do some thinking though for the picture part.

    Sorry for all the rain and your poor garden. Hope the sun warms it up nice and for you too. I know you like to go walking like I do. Hard to believe fall is here already, feels like it was just June. Excited though and I've been painting and creating some pages to share this week. Hope you come by to see.

    I'm thankful that we get to come together in this beautiful spot to share each week! Have a wonderful week dear friend, remember to do some dancing!! HUGS!

  3. What a fun idea - to think of the shoes! Love it! And the shots are gorgeous...

  4. I just love your interpretation of the prompt.. Such pretty shoes my friend.


  5. What lovely choice for this week, I love those pretty heels, too bad I don't wear them much anymore in Vegas, I used to run in those, now I almost can't walk fast in them.
    I love that song too!

  6. Those are lovely shoes!! A great choice for the prompt! Sorry about your plants ... I hope you have a beautiful week ...

  7. Not a high-heel wearer by any stretch (more the boots or sneakers type), but I do love your images. :)

  8. Beautiful shoes, and a brilliant picture.

  9. Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE all of these shoes. And the song is one of my favs and a perfect pick for the word "together!"

  10. Oh my goodness! I absolutely LOVE all of these shoes. And the song is one of my favs and a perfect pick for the word "together!"

  11. love your take on this week's theme not to mention that glorious shoe shot~!!~ really pretty and really fun~!

    hope the rain is abating and YES~!! i am absolutely a fan~!



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