Friday, August 31, 2012

patina & denim pages

Hi there,
Today is Malaysia's 55th Independence Day!. Or we called it Merdeka Day. Everyone is in joyous mood celebrating all the peace and prosperity that we had been enjoying since 1957. My cats weren't amused with last night's loud fireworks from nearby stadium, LOL. I don't like being in crowded place much, so I chose to stay at home and watched everything on the telly :). 

Remember about the denim & patina inspirations that I posted here recently?. Lucky I was able to squeeze them in one journal spread!. I promised myself that if I was going to really spent a lot of time pinning away these lovelies, I MUST at least create journal pages out of these photos. 

So, armed with denim & corrugated chipboard, I set to work. Here's the result;
Patina & denim pages!.

Corrugated chipboard makes the best wall!. I torn one layer of the corrugated paper off an old package and glued it down to the journal. Exposed that yummy wavy surface :). I primed it with gesso first, dried and gave a few spritz of green pearl glimmer mist. Sprayed some water to dilute it a bit. 

Then I just play with browns, yellow, mossy green pastels as well as some antique brown Stazon and tear drop gold ink in order to get that copper patina. I still didn't like it though :(. Must learn how to do this.

Then came the most fun part. Spread the denim!. I used mostly gel medium to glued it down to the page. Stapled here and there for additional support. I added some washi tapes & masking tapes for more colors. The metal ring was a cool find at the hardware store. 

I hope you'd enjoy another grungy page from me :). It really is thick. Beginning to worry that my journal would not close, with all those chunky goodness!. LOL.

Have a good long weekend!. And Happy Merdeka Day, Malaysians!. 


  1. Hello there,

    What a cool idea this is, love the thick bumpy background and the colors on it. Always fun to use tape of any kind, just can't help ourselves can we!! Awesome denim for the page as well, you got the colors all down. Hope your journal closes for you, it's filled with so much layers and good things. Thanks for inspiring me again, will give this a try!
    Happy holiday to you and long weekend, hope it means you will paint a lot!!

    1. LOL, will try not to add too many chunky things from now on. I do hope so too!. Hugs.

  2. A happy Independence day to you!! During any crowded celebration I too prefer watching things form the comfort of my home. Love your fun and grungy denim pages!!

  3. Selamat Hari merdeka to uou too! We avoided the traffic and the crowd too! I don't like crowded pals too! Fening! Hehe..
    This page is superb with ruggedness! Love it! I love using corrugated paper/board too...they are awesome on layout of journal kan....:))

    1. yup ... but it's thickening my journal pretty fast, LOL.

  4. Ooooooh, that corrugated cardboard is calling to me.... love the splashes of color you've added and the way the denim runs clear across the pages.... fab, and totally unique!

    1. Thank God for corrugated papers! :). oooh, can't wait to see yummy tags from you!


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