Saturday, August 18, 2012

embracing dreams

Dear friends,
I started my 4th journal a few days ago. On those long days waiting on my laptop getting fixed, I completed 2 or 3 journal spreads a day. Can't thank my muse enough. Now though, I'm trying really hard to keep up blogging all about them :). I also re-read Pride & Prejudice and a few of the sequels/recent interpretations by Austen's fans. Life's a breeze. I also slept better :). Ok, enough rambling. 

I have always used my handmade art journals. It is a lot funner that way. I gave myself a treat (for being such a good girl filling those journals up). I started to use Donna Downey's journal!. She's one of my greatest idol, so filling up this new journal would be such a thrill.

Here is the first page I made;

Background colors were combination of metallic red acrylic paint, green pan pastel and some red glimmer mist over punchinella. Did you see paper doily & newsprint tissue paper in the background?.

I stamped an elaborate flourish pattern with black gesso and glued a gold sticker around the Mona Lisa image. I should have used brown & black colors to make a rather Renaissance-ish page but I like the red better :).

Lastly, I added pieces of torn linen, a canvas butterfly and artsy words to finish the page off.

Stay awhile if you like, I've got another spread to share!. Hugs. 


  1. Congrats on starting your 4th journal, how proud you should be. YIPPPEE for using a new Donna Downey journal, that is special!!

    What a great first spread in your journal, love the colors and textures going on. I think the black looks great, pops off the page. The canvas and butterfly are great additons.
    Can't wait to see what's next.

    Funny how we get so much more done when our electronic toys don't work for us. Same goes for me and the house is cleaner also. I'd rather be busy having art fun though then cleaning!!

    1. exactly!. I think it's refreshing to get away from electronics sometime :). I have not watching the telly for 3 years, do u believe that?. Being detached, allows me to enjoy so many little things in life :).

  2. Love the torn linen. It looks like a crown on her head. My eyes always dance when I visit your blog. :)

    1. neat. one without the stones. lovely interpretation!.

  3. Good that you finally get your laptop fixed! I love to see the newsprint on the background. So artsy! And the Mona Lisa stamp just add vavaoom and character to the page! Great work !

    1. your new avatar is va va voom to me :). I love it, so you... thanks!


' Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen ' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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