Friday, June 8, 2012

What makes my heart flutter?

Hi friends,
Been meaning to share the photos from my inspirational 'walkabout' in town recently. All thanks to Alisa Burke who has shared fresh ideas on spotting little things that 'talked' to me. Great inspiration for art journals too.

Here are some things that make my heart flutters. {Mind my amateur photography :)}.

Inspiration #1: Chevron brick sidewalk.
Inspiration #2: Geometric tiles beneath water fountain.
Inspiration #3: Flowers wrap in paper.

Inspiration #4: White-washed wall.
Inspiration #5: Pebbly pavement.
Inspiration #6: Beaten up wall.

Inspiration #7: Old wooden windows with graffiti.
Inspiration #8: Screaming red brooms.
Inspiration #9: Delicate flowers.
Inspiration #10: Graffiti space art.

Amongst many of what I saw that day. Do they also talk to you??.
Hope that I would be able to create something out of these lovely things. I just started a little 'walkabout photography' notebook. So excited. Open your heart & look at things with different eyes. I tried and loving it. Happy Friday!



  1. Another LOVELY post today. Yes there are many inspiring things to see in the world if you know how to look at them. You my dear have a good eye and these pictures are inspiring!

    1. It was fun as it was sunny with blue sky. Thanks so much, Lalo.

  2. What gorgeous photographs! I love the beaten up wall! AND I loved your comment - yes, sometimes sleep CAN wait for art! ;)
    And thank you for joining in on The Summer of Color, I am thrilled to have you, Kristin xo

  3. Lovely pics dear. Flowers are Rangoon creepers, they smell lovely in the eve-Kak Dah

    1. Hi Kak Dah. Wow, they have lovely name too. I didn't get too close to the bloomers, so I smell nothing :(


' Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen ' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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