Monday, June 11, 2012

I Did It :)

Hi friends,
I like to share my last page of the 'Happy Soul' art journal. I'm going to start another art journal very soon :).

 I was inspired by Linda Kunsman's post on spiritual growth and inspired to journal about the changes in me, discovering that yoga encourages calmness, openness and creativity.

I used a picture of a woman siting in lotus position (from Yoga International Magazine) as the focus on my page today. I painted and doodled around this image.

I started by sticking strips upon strips of decorative tissue papers onto my journal page. Then, washed the page with watered-down gesso. Drew a circle with fuschia watercolor crayon and yellow acrylic artist ink. Smudged the ink & crayon with baby wipes when they were still wet. 

When dried, stamped an image of a women's face. Then doodled with black india ink and correction liquid pen. Drew some scallops to the top & bottom of the page with fuschia crayon. Lastly, added some intricate lacy rubons.

Till next journal, adios.



  1. Did u do a picture transfer there with the yoga woman?
    Cool page! Very symbolic with that yoga woman.
    I can't even remember the yoga positions now....dah gemuks so hard to stretch...thee heheeee.

    1. Nope. The yoga woman is a decoupaged magazine cutout :). I suck at image transfer. LOL. Take the yoga outdoors, sit on the grass. Just start we a tree pose (standing with one leg) and sitting in lotus position (stay quiet & listens to surroundings). Just that, ok?. You'll have fun.

  2. Stunning! Love the way she is a bit muted but still quite prominent on the page, and your colors are (as always) gorgeously blended... total eye candy!


' Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen ' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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