Saturday, June 2, 2012

Now I Have No Excuse :)

Hi there,
Some days when I get super lazy, I make excuses NOT to do art at all. Guilty. I would just go blog hopping for inspirations (rolling eyes ...) or went pinning on Pinterest (which is REALLY fun). In reality, I am being lazy.

Then I saw a beautiful print on Donna's post last night that shouted at me "Stop being lazy". LOL. No, really?. She suggested that we use the print on our journal pages. I am going to write it on my page instead. That way, I will remember the words. If you're keeping an art journal, you are welcome to use this print on yours too. Or just post it somewhere you create. On inspiration boards.


This is my "get-off-the-computer-and-create" page that I did last night :).

Used some texture paste over stencils on both pages and let them dried for a few hours. After that dried, I primed my pages with white gesso. Then finger-painted aqua acrylic paint all over the pages while blotching them with baby wipes.

Glued bits and pieces of pattern papers, paper doilies, washi tape and musical notes on the page. Wrote the phrase with black india ink, black drawing pen and correction pen. I LOVE how the white words stood out against the aqua color!. I wrote some of the key words with ZIG color markers on pattern papers and adhered them to the page for additional interest.

You could almost see white patches on the textured stencil image. Achieved this by blotching wet paint with baby wipes. I doodled "Find Your Musing" all over the page. (oh how I wished I had large script stamps). By rubbing aqua soft pastel chalk over a white embossed paper, I've got the opposite effect. Just finger-smudge the color a bit more and blow away the access dust.

There you have it. I think I just promised myself to continue creating everyday :). How about you?



  1. I am loving your pages! All of that blue and the texture! hmmmmm Lazy - yep I relate. Crazy busy with work and complaining about no time...make time :)

    1. LOL. We are all guilty on this :). Thanks so much!

  2. A cousin asked me recently where I find the time to craft. I guess; if you really love something, you will find time for it. And believing is a strong word too... A well designed page with the choice of colours give you calmness.....

  3. Love that 'get off you computer and create" page! I should do the same right now but I cannot draw myself away from your pages. I've stopped twice and gone and spritzed a few things to dry until I get back to my table... lol.


' Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen ' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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