Tuesday, January 17, 2012

winter feelings layout

I went blog hopping last night to find scrapbook inspirations. I saw Winter Feelings topic posted on Scrap Yourself website. Scrappers are invited to create a layout to tell how we feel about winter. I LOVE winter! Everything about it.

" The gloom of grey winter sky. The cold breeze on my face. Walking in the falling snow and stuck my tongue out like crazy kids. The heavenly smell of fresh brewed French Vanilla Nut coffee from Higher Grounds Cafe. Yum "

I just wished I had them photographed and scrapped. Oh, how I missed Colorado. 

I used an old photo of me (good ol' college days). I was just stepping outside in front of our rented house in Golden. Testing the fresh powder. Btw, I looked stoned, LOL. Standing so still like that. 


  1. Sweet layout! Glad you played along at scrap yourself! TFS!

    1. Another thing, you should tag your layout with the mr Linky tool on the right hand side of the blog. I didn't see u there...

  2. Hi Nida, glad you're visiting. I added my blog's link to Mr. Linky earlier and you're right, I didn't see me either! LOL. Only if I clicked on him, then I see my name. Weird.


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