Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pre-War Chinese Postcards

I spent the morning at Central Market (Kuala Lumpur's art market) today. Other than walked along the artists lane, admiring their work and watched them painting portraits, I happily browsed some of the art & craft products in the main gallery/building.

And look what I have found! 
Very pretty pre-war Chinese postcards.

They are actually old advertisement postcards featuring classic Shanghai beauties; either holding a pack of cigarette, or trying on new shoes, playing new games like golf or promoting Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver oil!. Here my favorite ones, mothers & child paintings. I LOVE to be able to use them for Mother's Day scrapbook projects.

I particularly love the Scott's Emulsion postcard because it reminds me of a very fond childhood memories. I actually RAN, bursting out the front door when my mother tried to make me take Scott's Emulsion cod fish oil by the spoon! LOL. My younger brother was braver, though. Wished I could scrap that! I wonder if these black & yellow bottles of cod fish oil are still out there in the market?


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