Wednesday, January 25, 2012

super-sized ATCs

Hi everyone. This post is actually inspired by Nida's recent blog post on ATCs. They're beautiful ATCs. I just remembered that I learnt how to make ATCs sometime before.

This is an old project of mine, when I first interested in collage. I was just learning how to make the traditional ATCs and read about the whole idea of swapping ATCs, inchies, fat books and a lot of other funky names. I always thought then, that ATC are much too small (3.5" X 5.5") to have anything on it, let alone inchies. Then I thought ... hey maybe I create a giant ATC (they're 3" x 5" in size). That way, I can have a lot more room to play with my photos and embellishments. I genuinely thought it was a good excuse for a beginner like me to feel comfortable in learning this artwork and have fun with it. 

In addition, I get to keep my giant ATCs and I don't have to swap with anyone because one; the size is WRONG, two; each one has different themes and three; who in their right mind would want to swap for gigantic ATCs, right?. So feeling safe, I went on creating 12 pieces of them over a week's time. It was good fun.
So, I'm showing you here just five of my giant ATCs.

* LOL. The girl kissed a cute boy!.

* The old car clippings are from a nice 
wrapping paper from MOOF. Love their products!

* Lovely bird, looks so dashing with its crown on!. I found him in a magazine.

Do you notice that on every ATC, I have added felt hearts at the corners? I was trying to make them looked more like playing cards and I like hearts more than jokers or spades, though.



  1. u r rite on the size. too small to play.
    the felt heart is like a signature to ur ATCs..very creative.
    maybe one day we can swap..if you want to lar..
    i dont mind the size..hehe

  2. Nida dear...I was hoping you said so! hehe. Let's swap sometime. I'm so happy.


' Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen ' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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