Monday, September 23, 2013

the 'Fall' around here

Sweet friends,
Happy Autumn Equinox!. It's been a nice, sunny & dry week here. I enjoyed the clear night sky, and was able to watch the full moon for 3 nights in a row!. 

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There is no such season as Autumn or Fall here in Kuala Lumpur. [Time to use some imagination this week, I think]. But, one would know that Autumn is here when there are lots of yummy moon cakes in pretty packages at the mall. My Chinese friends are now celebrating the Mooncake (or Lantern) Festival!. 

This, I saw right by our front gate.

One day I walked out to lunch and saw that they had trimmed all the overgrown big trees around the apartment building. My place had become TOO bright for my liking, no longer shady as before.

"Oh, that's my Fall", I said.

The tarmac is messy with little twigs & fallen leaves, which is a perfect set up for a Fall scene, don't you think?.

This make me think of a cool, crisp weather.

There was a large rubber tree estate just outside the fence of my childhood home. When I was 10 or so, I loved following my grandma foraged wild mushrooms (kulat sisir in Malay) that grow on fallen (or dead) rubber trees. They look much like split gills. With lots of rain and shade, the mushrooms flourish. We've got bags and bags of them!. This was all GAME for me, but my grandma would cook the best curry out of these mushrooms!.

The pile of chopped woods remind me of hot chocolate!.

I LOVE Fall. My favorite season while I was in college, still is. Love walking in the fallen leaves under the trees on my way to class. Cottonwoods by the creek. The Fall decor of shops and houses in downtown Golden. And the heavenly smell of hot cinnamon rolls. Sending me raptures!.

Nature's beauty, even in dead leaves.

I love to hear about your Fall story. Come share with us your favorite Fall shots. What Fall means to you. Or that unique family tradition and treats at home.

Link up with us @ Our Beautiful World this week, and while you're there ... have a visit around other part of the world. That's my favorite part. See you soon!. HUGS.

{All photos are taken with Samsung Galaxy SAdvance phone, edited in PhotoScape with Region-Out-of-Focus and Film Effect cross-process filters}.


  1. Happy first day of fall!!! I'm so excited to spend this wonderful season with you. LOVE LOVE THIS POST!! It feels like fall to me, all those chopped twigs and branches with crunchy leaves mixed in, perfect for fall. I too have that on my blog today, YAY FOR US!!
    You know there will be fall fun for me to share on my blog this season, it's my favorite too! This week will be busy so not sure I will link up. Also my post will be too much like my Hello September one, but we will see.

    I did do a fun post that I know you will enjoy. Thanks so much for the comment on my yellow kitchen, you would love sitting there with me and chatting while sipping hot cider!

    Take care and enjoy those cakes you have there!

  2. Although you do not have autumn where you live, but your photo sure looks like fall, dried leaves and woody, all perfect for the theme!

  3. Oh these are such wonderful photos ... I love the detail in them ... terrific!

  4. what gorgeous pics, but bet of all is reading you narrate the smells and sounds of it all! As always a joy to come and visit with you Shahrul ♥

  5. Love your pictures and accompanying commentary! And thanks for visiting my blog!! Yes we do get a lot of fall color in many of the states...and thanks for noticing the bird house in my one picture...I didn't know there were owl houses...they must be very similar to these which are for purple martens. Purple Martens are encouraged to nest nearby because they are very adept at eating mosquitoes!

  6. how wonderful are your 'fall' photos.... and I was on a journey with you when you explained about your grandma and collecting mushrooms.... I could have listened to that for much longer!

    Just lovely!


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