Sunday, September 8, 2013

seeing Bubbles!


How are you enjoying September, so far?. In my part of the world, I am most certain that the rainy season has began. Raining every afternoons (or early mornings) since last two weeks, and I'm enjoying it!.

At Our Beautiful World this week, we have a lovely guest, our very first :). Please welcome Liz and she has chosen a word prompt for us;


Honestly, I was a bit panicky earlier when I couldn't think of anything 'bubbly' at all. For some reasons, nothing came to my mind for days. One morning, as I was dusting the glass cabinet ... lo and behold, I saw it!. 

My snow globe!. 

Of course!. It really so simple, after all. Immediately then, I think of other 'bubbly' things. Bubble tea, bubble bath, Oh heaven :).

Park City is one gorgeous place to live in.

I love Park City and the rugged, western states. There was a quaint bookshop (Dolly's Bookstore) on the Main Street that has this fluffy cat, resting on the counter :). [What a sweet guy, my cats won't sit still for a minute]. I went there for a field trip in the early summer and missed the snow. Took home the tiny snow globe, instead.

The globe is one giant bubble, don't you think?.

Kind of tricky to get a good photo of the snow falling, really. This is the best shot I can get, with one hand shaking the globe and another taking the shot :).

Bubbles within a bubble.

Now I'm intrigued to make my own snow globe. Must be fun to add glitters in it too. Have you ever make one?. Do tell :). 

Share your 'bubbles' story with us at Our Beautiful World this week. Like a trick for making the most amazing bubbles!. Anything that means 'bubbles' to you. Hugs.

{Notes: All photos were taken with Samsung Galaxy SAdvance phone, edited in PhotoScape, applied region-out-of-focus and cinema filters}.


  1. What a clever idea for the prompt! I was stumped too! Your shots and your post are always lovely ... Have a beautiful Sunday!

  2. Hello Shahrul,
    What a wonderful way to share with bubbles! I have a few snow globes too, love them. I'm happy you have this treasure to remember this place and fun memories.
    This prompt is tricky, two things came to mind for me. I'm not sure whether I'll be joining in this week. This is WEEK IN THE LIFE and everyday I post my pictures from that day and thoughts on it. Not sure I can squeeze in this prompt but will see.

    Enjoy the rain your getting! Hope you are crafting/sketching something to share with us soon. Miss seeing you here more and inspired by your creations.

    Take care, HUGS!!

  3. Very clever indeed my friend.. I LOVE it...


  4. This was fun, as I adore snowglobes, and collect them! Hello to you!

  5. Look at you thinking all creative!! I actually love the idea of a snowglobe being used to symbolize bubbles. It's amazing what house cleaning can inspire; yet it never seems to happen for me in the laundry room. :(
    Thanks for the great fun and inspiration this morning.

  6. How very clever your giant bubble is!!!1 love your take on the challenge!

  7. now i never would have thought of a snow globe but what a fabulous example of a 'bubble'.
    i smiled when i thought of you attempting to take the photo of the globe with 'snow' falling . . . tricky business but you didn't do badly.
    i've never made a snow globe but am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


  8. Snow globe is magical too Shahrul, I remember I love watching them when I was young, growing up on a sunny island, snow is kind of magical to me. Lovely share!


' Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen ' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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