Sunday, August 4, 2013

hello August

Sweet friends,
Hello, August!. Wow, time flies. In a week, we will be celebrating Aidilfitri, after a month-long fasting in Ramadan. So excited. Later this month, the whole nation will celebrate our Independence Day or Merdeka Day.

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August has a special place in the hearts of every Malaysians. We earned our independence from the British on 31st August, 1957.

The Malaysian flag, or Jalur Gemilang as we fondly call.

The flags from other states in Malaysia, as seen at Merdeka Square.

56 years ago at the Merdeka Stadium, our very first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj announced Malaysia's independence (known as Federation of Malaya, back then). 

The National Monument.

Merdeka Day is a day to be thankful for the peace, unity and prosperity we have enjoyed since then. 

A day of remembrance for all heroes who fought for our freedom and still keeping us safe today :). 

KL Tower and the Petronas Twin Towers seen from the nearby National Monument.

Though our nation is rather young compares to many European countries, I'm very much grateful for the joy that comes with being independent. 

Sitting on the grass at Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur.

Nowadays, Malaysians proudly gather at Merdeka Square where large parade is held every year and celebration abounds.

Clock tower of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. 

I must share our National Anthem :). I fondly remembered how excited I was at school assembly every week during primary school days. I LOVE singing, but mostly the chance at spotting my cute crush, really. Naughty!. 

A close up of the Moorish architecture.

Thank you, Malaysia. I've enjoyed great childhood, good education, fair chance at making a living and no wars. I can't imagine living without a country!. This fact alone should make anyone feel humble, don't you think?.

I love to hear what 'August' means to you. No moments are ever so small :). Do share your stories with us by linking up a photo at Our Beautiful World this week. See you soon. Hugs!.


  1. Hello Shahrul, I love reading about your country and learning things about it. Listening to our Anthem is my favorite too, brings me to tears each time. My daughter Renee who is the singer in this house sings it all the time, even in the shower, LOVE THIS! These are beautiful pictures to go with your story. What a great month this is for you and your birthday too. So cool that we share the same birthday month.
    Well, you've already read my August post but I will have a new mandala to share tomorrow and something new for Tuesday. Have you thought more about the mandala's?
    Have a good day and Happy August to you!

  2. Wonderful photos! Congratulations on your Independence anniversary ... I loved listening to your National Anthem ... May you continue to live in peace and harmony my friend ...

  3. You make me want to visit your country, such amazing photos and the proudness they inspire in you. Congrats on a well dereved celebration all countries should be free and peaceful!

  4. Happy National Day and Happy Birthday too (I just learn that), thanks for showing us the beautiful pictures of KL, I visited when I was young as well as in my adult years, but it has been more than 12 years now that I haven't set foot on Malaysia , maybe I should make a side trip up there next time I go home!

  5. I love how you speak abut your country :-) with nice pictures I feel in your country

  6. What a beautiful place it is Shahrul, your photos and story describe it so wonderfully. It must be so nice to sit on the grass there and look at the beautiful buildings surrounding it. Where I used to live (in The Hague, Netherlands) we had a similar grass square with a combination of old and high new buildings surrounding it and I loved sitting there and enjoying the beauty and watching the people go by.
    Enjoy the celebrations! Hugs xx

  7. I love this post my friend. I enjoyed seeing all the photos of the wonderful place you live. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


  8. Thank you, Shahrul, for sharing these wonderful photos with us. It has been a pleasure reading about your country, and I can feel the pride you have in it! I just loved this post so much! Again, thank you!!!!!

  9. Shahrul your story describe the place you live so well, I enjoyed to read your post and see the wonderful photos.


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