Sunday, August 11, 2013

Everyday 'Wonder'

Hello sweet friends,

This week, it's my turn hosting at Our Beautiful World. And I have chosen one of my favorite word as a prompt for us to play;


I believe we all wonder at something, every single day :). I wonder at the beauty that I see around me. [And yes, I do wonder at things that I can't see too]. Celestial bodies like the sun setting or the moon rising are simply a 'Wonder' to me. 

The sunset we saw when out driving to Putrajaya.

Eclipses, comets, shooting stars intrigue me to no end. Do you know that NASA recently mapped that our solar system has a tail like a comet?!?. As if, all planets are moving in a spiraling motion across our galaxy. Interesting stuff :).

The full moon on July 22nd, looking east from my window.

No matter where we are in the world, we are looking at the same moon. Humbling to think how small we are in the grand scheme of things. A speck of dust in the infinity of space. Have you ever felt that way?.

Clouds are another wonder to me. I love watching them changing forms, like cotton in the wind. I saw a dragon cloud one year!. 

'Angel' clouds appeared in my backyard, recently.

Moments like this, always make me smile.

In Jun, I visited the annually flower exhibition at Putrajaya and saw pitcher plants. Another wonder, even when I know how they trap little insects. A few years back, I brought home a delicate, foot-long pitcher plant from a field trip in Sabah (Borneo Island). Cool specimen!.

A pitcher plant seen at the Putrajaya Floria exhibition.

During my walk at the park, I saw patches of moss on the wooden bench I was sitting on. I got a few macro shots of it. I'm a big fan of the little folks, you see. Always think about them when I see moss or little mushrooms in the woods. 

What a little wonderland in there?.

Do you wonder at simple things in life too?. I love to hear about them. Do share with us at Our Beautiful World this week :).

Wishing you a great weekend. And if you're watching the early morning sky tonight for the Perseid meteor showers, have fun!!. Hugs.


  1. Oh Shahrul, you completely nailed this one. What great shots and wonderful story! Now I think I have to re-do mine, because I had a little trouble to come up with something. It must have been the heat, they stop my brains :)
    Love all your shots! The angel clouds... wow, never seen anything like it. I wonder if we have them here... And the mossy mini world, that's always a big favourite of mine too! I just saw an amazing documentary on the life of plants, also those insect-eating ones. There's so much going on in the world around us that we don't notice! And yes, I do wonder about the seen and unseen wonders of the world too. Just like you said. What an interesting stuff about the tail of the solar system! I hadn't hear about it, but it kind of does make sense, doesn't it.

    Okay, this was a looooong reply :)
    Hugs and happy day! xx Wendy

    1. Hey Wendy :). The weather experts call the clouds, Cirrus, which is one of the highest cloud formation in our atmosphere. I lovely calling them angel clouds, makes them more magical :). I'll visit you soon!. HUGS.

  2. Hello Shahrul, what a WONDER ful post this was. I think Wendy said all that I was feeling too. Now that I have friends all over the world it is amazing that we all see the same moon/sun everyday. I love clouds, already have two pictures of them in my PL for this week.
    Thank you for so many ways for us to wonder, learned a few things I didn't know. Beautiful pictures too.
    I WONDER what my post will be about, better start thinking.
    Have a great week!

    1. Hi, Dawn! :). Yes, we both awe at the same wonderful things, I love that. And, if you're not to tired ... have a little stargazing in the backyard tonight. I'll be peeking out at my window with my cats, and hope I could make many wishes!.

  3. I knew you were going to have an awesome post this post is full of wonder!!! Funny how being in different parts we are attracted to the same things! The dragon cloud is a total fave, so is the macro shot of the moss, it's something I do quite often. The pocket plants are also a big mistery! Awesome post!

    1. Hi, Milagros :). I think it is amazing that same-like-mind people always somehow meet new friends with same interests. It's a universal law, and I'm grateful to have met you too :).

  4. Such an amazing and interesting post Shahrul, love the beautiful shots especially that micro shot of the moss between the gap. And thanks for a lovely word for this week!

    1. Hi, Kirsty :). Thanks for letting me hosting this week!. Been a great fun every single week too. HUGS.

  5. The greatest wonders are the ones we see in nature, fantastic photos Kirsty.

  6. Oh you and I have a lot in common! I think just like you do about these things ... beautiful photos my friend and lovely thought provoking prompt too ...

  7. i like your choice of themes and enjoyed your post. there is so much in this world that is curious and WONDERful.
    there is magic in your macro photo of the moss and i agree it brings to mind fairies. the Malaysion sunset shot is full of drama and peace all at the same time. beautiful~!!


  8. What a wonderful post. And yes I do wonder about a lot of things that go on in this crazy world we live in. Now you got me thinking some more..


  9. I love that moss shot on the bench!!! It reminded me of the movie Men In Black with the entire little world inside the locker..LOL. However, THIS is way more beautiful! :)
    Thank you for sharing your vision of beauty and wonder with us all.
    Lisa x

    1. LOL, I love love that movie!!. OMG, what if we are truly a living experiment on a mossy-wet-blue marble?? :). A great one at that.

  10. It has been cloudy here for the past few nights. We are hoping it will be clearer this evening.

  11. I love your nature shots! Clouds and skies are some of my favorite subjects too!! And thanks for the blog OBW...I am going to really love participating with you all!

  12. Oh my goodness, Shahrul! I absolutely love all of your beautiful photos! They certainly do evoke wonder in my when I see them! I love the sun and moon shots, and your nature photos are stunning. Yes, there is an entire wonderland in the wooden bench you saw! (Do you love your macro lens? I have been thinking about getting one! Maybe as a gift for the holidays!!!)


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