Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lets Get Trendy Now!3 - Day 4 (Stitching)

Hello friends,

Are you enjoying cool projects @ Lets Get Trendy Now!3 ?? Amazing tips & artwork to admire, aren't they??.

Today is Day 4: Stitching.

It's my turn to share a few tips on stitching!. 

How do you like making a rustic love note, tucked in a tiny, clear envelope?. {Sweet enough as a gift}.

Just get comfy, grab a drink and enjoy this tutorial :).

Here's what I made: a secret note & an altered envelope.

Or rather, a stitched scroll :).

I used old plastic folder, linen scraps, velcros & thread.

I ripped a piece of linen measuring 2.5" X 22", and lightly wrote a quote on it in pencil.

Back-stitching, very closely to the letters.

Add a couple of eyelets & tie a string to one end.

It reads; " I love you to the stars and back".

I added a metal charm, tied up with a fiber for closure. Then, loosely folded linen into accordion folds. [You may fold into a tight roll, then display it in a jar].

Done. LOVE how tattered it looks!.

 Since I love altering so much, I didn't stop here :). Here's how to make the clear, altered envelope;

Cut out a piece of old plastic folder, measuring 3.5" X 9" long and stamp all over it with gesso. 

Stamping with 'very dry' gesso, allows sharp images on plastic.

Stamp lightly on newspapers prior onto plastic to thin out gesso and avoid smudges. You'd feel the gesso 'sticking' to the plastic when pulling off the stamp. If accidents happen, quickly clean with baby wipes, dry and start anew :).

Make a few simple folds like so, and the envelope is ready for stitching.

Then, stitch along seams.

Tips: Sewing on plastic sleeves are trickier than on fabrics because they are tough and transparent. 

1. Plan for minimal stitching, yet strong AND beautiful at the same time. [Any messy threads will show].

2. Select needles specialized for denim or leather if you're hand-stitching thick plastics together, like I did in this project.

3. It helps to pierce holes along the seams with sharp tools (i.e stylus) prior to hand-stitching. [a standard needle & thread will work if sewing on thin plastics like grocery bags].

4. Thread your needle with double strand of strong threads.

5. Secure plastic sheets together with metal binder clips while you stitch, for easy and neat stitches.

Add a sticker to hide velcros on the front.

Done. Clear packages are twice the fun!.

That's all to it. A tiny note to make someone smiles today. Good thing indeed comes in small packages :). Happy stitching!.

For more stitching tips, do visit Let's Get Trendy Now!3 Day 4. And, join in the fun for a chance at winning cool prizes everyday!. HUGS.


  1. Wow! Your project is gorgeous! So so creative, sweet and unique! Totally inspiring!

  2. Hello, how are you dearie? Awesome projects. Very inspiring creativity.

  3. I loved the idea of stitching plastics ! Your project looks fab !

  4. Just love your sweet fabulous project! Need to find some sturdy needles!

  5. How cool is that?!! Awesome project Shahrul! Who wouldn't love to get a sweet gift like that. Love love love both the stitched note scroll and the gesso stamping on the envelope. I might totally steal that idea if you don't mind :)
    Hugs and happy day! xo Wendy

  6. WOW WOW WOW!!! What a cool idea for using stitching, 2 awesome projects!! I love the message, great job on it. The envelope is BEAUTIFUL, those stamps came out SO PRETTY!! I love clear packages too, so fun to peek what's inside. Both came out beautifully and would make somebody very happy to receive them.
    Thanks for sharing the tutorial on making them.

    I believe too that good things come in small packages.
    Have a wonderful day my friend!

  7. what beautiful, beautiful gifts these make! Great projects Shahrul!

  8. Hello again sweet friend, just posted what I made today. So happy you were a guest today for this theme. It's so perfect for you. I had to be quick but I LOVE LOVE how mine turned out! Thanks so much! HUGS!

  9. wow wow wow.
    Can I tell you that this is truly magnificent...such a sweet keepsake! I'm so thrilled that you're one of our guesties!

  10. This is such a beautiful project!

  11. What an incredible project! So, so, SO pretty, and such a great design! LOVE all the stitching to bits, and that little, love note is priceless! Have a blessed weekend!

  12. That's fabulous! I was thinking it was a stencil - very cool idea to stamp with the gesso that way. And loving your stitching, of course!

  13. This is so amazing I can barely contain myself from squealing with delight! So so beautiful! I've never been much of a stitcher but your gorgeous projects are inspiring me to jump on the bandwagon!


  14. love this! Am following your blog now too :D

  15. what an incredibly cute idea :) I just bought some E floss because years ago I did glad to have seen your inspiration here! Love this!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Again here - love this gesso printing - Thank you.


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