Saturday, January 26, 2013

what I do besides 'art'ing

Hello friends,
Ever since I have my cats, I don't keep plants in my home anymore. And I made sure all fresh-cut flowers safe in jars on high places. I'm not a green thumb and sadly it seems, the plants would die if I ever touched them. I LOVE LOVE to do this more.  

I've been keeping little potted plants out on my tiny verandah, trying very hard not to touch them. [As you can see, they are still in their store-bought plastic pots!.]. Being too careful.

With lots of water, LOVE, talking and singing to the plants, they live!. I can't be happier, my experiment works :).

And the cactus are happy too, despite all the rain we have here almost every afternoon. 

I think now I could move on to grow flower plants and herbs. Should be fun!. Wish me luck. 

To end this post, I like to share a 'singing plant' video that I found a while ago. I'm happier now when I'm outdoors in nature, deeply knowing that I'm hearing their songs :). I am a believer. You can read more here as well. Till then, HUGS.


  1. Love all your cactii. Gives me the cue to really repot my cactii and give them the TLC they deserve.

  2. Love all your potted palnts Shahrul. I certainly don't have a green thumb despite the fact that I love plants and flowers. I have such a hard time keeping anything alive in the house so I give up-except for two bamboo plants which I love.

  3. It looks like your planted is well-loved by you, they look healthy and happy, speaking of green thumb, I have to say, I can even kill a cactus, that is how bad I am with the things in my garden. : (

  4. This was so fun to read, I to don't have a green thumb. Of course my hubby does so he only touches the plants/garden in our house. I'm so glad yours are doing well and enjoy your singing to them. They look beautiful and well loved.

    Good luck moving on to the flowers next, I'm sure they will enjoy your singing and feel the love from you and GROW very well.

  5. I had a bonsai (mini) once and it died. I think it was called Jasmine.... Don't think I have green thumb either but..I haven't really give it a try...hehe... My parents love gardening and our home is surrounded by plants... We even have chilli, limau nipis, ...etc. believe it or not, I tak pernah siram all these pokoks...hehe.... pemalas....


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