Tuesday, January 29, 2013

how to age a wooden box

Sweet friends,
I got a wooden box from the flea market over the weekend. I altered it into a shabby white box and thought I'd share a tutorial of it today :). 

This is just another way of making a box looks old. I first glued brown tissue paper all over the box, and let it dried.

Tissue paper still wet with glue.

The original box.

After tissue paper has dried.

Then I dry-brushed some gesso all over the box, with a single objective to get imperfect brush strokes, LOL. Just go crazy, left a patch here and there :). I dried this first before moving on painting inside the box. [That way you won't leave finger prints on the wet gesso].

Painted the inside with leftover gesso.

I then, sanded off the surfaces and all the edges. 

In doing so, I partially torn off the tissue paper, do you see it?. Think I like that :).

Further distressed the box by inking all the edges with Timber Brown Stazon.

Then I stamped some butterfly & flower motives on multiple sides. You may add word strips, or decoupage or layers of collage with ribbons and fabrics for more colors and texture. 

The front.

The back.

I even stamped the inside edges.

And that's it. This is the new home of my winter ATCs!. Hope you'll give this a try. Hugs.


  1. Wow your so crafty! That is just amazing!

  2. Oh Gesso, you are a friend of mine! This box is the PERFECT new home for your winter ATC's. Shahrul, I'm more than impressed and especially love the torn bit. Definitely adds more age and personality. Thank you for the beautiful tutorial. :)
    Lisa x

  3. what a really pretty distressed box for your ATCs!!

  4. I LOVE your pictures...the lighting, the way you take them...They are like art about art!!! AWESOME tutorial Shahrul...love that shabby, vintage, awesome look. The box matches your ATC perfectly too :)

  5. A perfect place to place all those beautiful ATC. I just love the way this box turned out. I love to work with patterns. They leave such a wonderful color and texture.


  6. I love the whitewashed look of this. Just gorgeous!

  7. Oh my... this is AWESOME, I am so going to try this, thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

  8. OFF-THE-CHATS AWESOME .... Love the step by step photos ... I'm so going to make one of these! thanks for the inspiration xo

  9. Did you buy this at the concourse of AM? They had mini old style cupboards selling so cheap I just had to buy..tapi lum buat apa2pon....still inside a plastic bag waiting to be altered. ...nice work on this one... I am inspired!


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