Friday, May 4, 2012

Donna said 'Use a color you hate this week"

Hi everyone. 
On Monday, I worked on the very first collage in my recently made ' Happy Soul' art journal. I read Donna Downey's Collage Monday and was simply smitten with her suggestion; use a color you hate this week!. I said, wow ... I love to try this.

I don't really have a color I hate, but i DO have a color I like the LEAST, orange!... arrghh. After a couple of hours playing with orange color, I still not 'warmed' to it. :)). Felt good that I tried though.

I used masking technique with stencil and masking tape to create the vertical orange-light blue stripes. I suck at peeling the masking tapes out and torn the page in a few places. Using a bottle cap, I stamped orange & blue circles all over. When it dried, I stamped a little bird & a chandelier images with black ink. I also decoupaged a couple of musical notes (tissue paper) and a bird (newspaper cutting). Next I added buttons and cut out messages in the circles. Lastly, the most fun part .... doodling! 
So, pick up that color and have a try. It's fun.


Material used:

Daler-Rowney Simply Acrylic light blue
Delta Ceramcoat pumpkin Acrylic Paint
Fairbro Gesso white primer
Paper Mod Podge (for decoupage)
musical notes tissue papers
Christy Tomlinson She Art pattern papers (quotes)
masking tape
brown twines
black eyelet
Moof black plastic sequins
Momoyo heart embellishment
Margarie stamp set
Tim Holtz tapes


  1. Woww.Shahrul! This is awesomeee.....very unique! Love love love!
    I stopped by Scrappingville recently and had a feel of your best!

  2. Hey Nida! Oh, I missed the opportunity to meet you, again LOL. I'm so GLAD you actually saw my journals..:))

  3. These are wonderful! So many wonderful touches and layers! I spent years not liking orange then suddenly I have been okay with it in the last year or so.

    1. Hi Carolyn. Doing my best to like orange now :)). May I have your patience.

  4. Beautiful pages, your wonderful journal makes me want to play with stencil and paint again! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I can't be happier to make you want to pick that brush & play. :)) Enjoy the journey it brings.

  5. Cool! Love the stripes. And you did great with orange. :)

  6. This part we are not 'twins'. I love orange, once i was wearing an orange jumper with orange sneakers. to me it's a warm n happy colour.

    when is june schedule up? Sad today belum ada lagi....

    1. Hey Kak Faridah. welcome to my blog :). I'm getting warmer to the color orange now.

  7. Sorry, x pandai lagi. It was me up there-faridah

  8. Can we do this on 20th paint your journal? I simply love it n my heart skips a beat-kak dah.


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