Thursday, December 13, 2012

inspiration : burlap & linen

Sweet friends,
I have missed ya!. I know I've been MIA lately, glad that I was not sick but rather dreaming away with creative ideas and just enjoying some quiet times with  my cats and taking leisure walks in the park. 

With X'mas coming so soon, I'll share some of my party ideas from Pinterest. I find that humble burlaps are just so pretty :). Have a great week!!. HUGS.

Burlap silverware holders and runner PACKAGE enclude's SiX pockets and ONE 84 inch RUNNER

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


Princess In Waiting Embroidered Burlap Christmas Stocking

OMG! stunning book bag!. TFS, Cathy.

Fall accessories modern  LA LUNE  - French  Linen scarf

kids linen apron

Burlap Wedding Cake Topper


  1. hello Shahrul,
    I have missed you, glad your doing well and not sick! It's nice to have a break and just enjoy life isn't it.

    Thanks so much for this beautiful post, what great images you found for us today. I LOVE LOVE them all, can't even pick a favorite. All the variety of these is inspiring.

    Continue to enjoy your time and maybe creating a little bit. Have a good week!! Happy to see this today!!

  2. So many pretty photos.. I just love pinterest. One could spend a whole afternoon looking at the dreamy photos.


  3. You have charmed me once again, with your lovely blog.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. I've missed you but am happy you have been taking some quiet time with your beloved pets, and enjoying being out with nature. We all need to do that sometimes. Love your collection of Pinterest pics!

  5. These images are delightful. Each of them such a vintage rustic shabby feel. ESPECIALLY love the little love birds!! That would look adorable tucked on a tree. :)
    Hope you're doing well and hugs to you,
    Lisa xx

  6. I just love the burlap. Gorgeous share!!!!

  7. I love burlap ideas... They are so cool!! Thanks for sharing!


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